New ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Revamp, Let’s Forget the 2010 One

A new Nightmare on Elm Street movie is slated for release and you’re either from camp: “Ugh, didn’t the 2010 one ruin it already?” Or camp, “What 2010 revamp? I have repressed the memory of purchasing that ticket and watching that terrible excuse for the franchise.”

Maybe I’m just bitter. Or maybe Hollywood could just stop making reboots of things from the 80’s; I’d be a way happier person. What is wrong with 80’s movies, Hollywood? Not currently making you enough money? Just gonna make the movies again in 30 years, so every 30 years we’ll be watching the same movies? DOES THAT SEEM GOOD TO YOU?

And like, yeah, it totally does seem good to them, since they made enough money off the 2009 Friday the 13th remake to pay for a Jason Voorhees saga and even the 2010 movie made over three times its budget. (Seriously, how?)

This time, when we venture into the Elm Street universe, it will be presented to us through the written word of David Leslie Johnson known for his work on OrphanWrath of the Titans, and the hotly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons reboot. There are currently no plot details available, specifically to those of you wondering if this is another origin story. At least we know he has reboot experience. Also, when I say “we venture”, I mean those of you who haven’t been burned enough already; I’ll be home choosing to spend that $10 ticket price on something that won’t disappoint me as much, like the license renewal fee that requires me to wait in line at the DMV.

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