Now That Justin Bieber Is 21, He’s Experienced Hardships

If you haven’t yet seen it, watch The New York Times video on the making of Where Are You Now featuring Diplo, Skrillex and Justin Bieber. The process of creating the song is actually interesting, but the video is spliced with the half-retarded musings of Justin Bieber.

Some choice lines include, “it’s like the sounds that are used are not cheap, they’re very expensive sounding sounds” and the song is “wrong right” and “now being 21 and going through some hardships you can hear that in my vocals.”

So what hardships could a millionaire celebrity kid have? Let’s theorize. He once stubbed his toe on a chair. His chef ran out of peanut butter for his gourmet pb&j. He didn’t get that fivesome he wanted. He once dipped his fries in hot sauce thinking it was ketchup.

Everyone is right. Justin Bieber is basically Derek Zoolander. Even Deadmau5 thinks so.

Yeah. It's expensive allright. This fucking remix cost me 60k.

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7 years ago

Hardships? Well for starters Justin Bieber was born to an unwed teen mom who was forced to give him up to her parents to raise because she couldn’t properly look after him.. So he was raised in poverty and at one point homeless as a child sleeping in a car with his mom.. He didn’t have a father around either while growing up because his mother had split up with him shortly after his birth. This article mentions his wealth now but he grew up poor so Justin knows what hardships are about growing up as a child.. As for… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Brad

Yet he has the personality of an entitled child and his “music” displays the hardships of a bubblegum chewing Mouseketeer.

7 years ago

Who gives a toss from Deadmau5 thinks? The guy’s a bully and a creep.

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