Rita Ora Turned Crappy Music into Bikini Parties in Ibiza

Seriously, why even try? Turn a pretty face into shitty music. Parlay that into hosting gigs on reality shows. End up at boat parties in Ibiza, sunbathing and relaxing. No need for┬átalent. Maybe screw producers in exchange for tracks (see: Calvin Harris). All in all, kudos to Rita Ora for being so smart. No hate. Play the game, move up the ladder and you too can end up in Ibiza. Perhaps you won’t be a famous celeb, but you can be one of her hanger-ons giving the middle finger like in these pics.

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8 years ago

Nah, she can sing, and co-writes some of her tracks as we. But I have to admit: with a body like hers you can’t go wrong in showbiz, so incredibly good looking!