Ruby Rose Showed Some Skin for Co-Star Jackie Cruz’s Birthday

Ruby Rose, a star is born? Maybe, maybe not. She got on Orange is the New Black and built some buzz. Overseas, she’s somewhat known. Here though, people are just starting to recognize her. She’s got her DJ gig going and she’s not bad. DJ superstar Avicii wants her to open for him. People even throw panties onstage at her. No idea if they’re thrown from guys or girls, but hey, probably doesn’t matter to her.

Rose has a sense of humor too. For costar Jackie Cruz’s 29th birthday, Rose tatted herself up…with lipstick.

Rose wrote “Flaca <3”. Flaca is Cruz’s character on the show. Her tattoos are interesting. There’s a dude holding a gun, aimed at rosary beads. Hmmm…down with religion? Or randomly placed. I’ll stare at her stomach for a couple of more minutes to figure it out.

If you ever wondered what Rose looks like without tattoos, I’ve got you covered. Pow!

Something is missing and I can't quite put my finger on it! Make up by @tobyfleischman

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