Taylor Swift Brings Out Lisa Kudrow for ‘Smelly Cat’

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. What is Taylor Swift’s endgame? Celebs are marching behind her for the chance to smell her ass fumes. With a wave of her magical wand, Taylor Swift, like a queen, deems which peasant celeb is good enough to join her onstage for a song or a wave to the crowd.

This time at her Staples Center concert in L.A., Swift granted Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame a chance to grace the queen’s stage. Kudrow joined Swift for a cover of “Smelly Cat”, a song written by Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay character on Friends. Basically, a song no one in the audience had ever heard of, since they were all zero years old when it came out.

Kudrow strapped on a guitar for some unknown reason. It was more for display purposes. Swift started in on the song before Kudrow stopped her halfway. She told Swift to put some more feeling into it. Then, they dueted and ended the song, letting Kudrow go back to her dark little celebrity hole.

Here’s the original for those who wished they grew up in the 90’s.

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Greg Suarez
Greg Suarez
8 years ago

Can we please stop paying attention to Taylor Swift?