Taylor Swift’s Guest Spots March On. This Time, Beck and St. Vincent

Taylor Swift will not be satisfied until she brings the whole GD record industry out onstage. Every stop of her tour has featured local guests, celebs, musicians, you name it, she had them walk HER stage. Make no mistake, that is HER stage now, she owns it.

Swift sold out L.A.’s Staples Center for five nights which has never been done. This girl is beyond epic. Bigger than Madonna in the 80’s, bigger than Bruce Springsteen. She could end up right up there with Elvis Presley. Just don’t die a tragic death, amirite? Haha… Hello?

The third night saw Swift parade out Alanis Morissette for “You Outta Know”.

Yesterday, she brought out Beck and St. Vincent for a rendition of Beck’s, “Dreams”. Yea, I’m sure Swift’s teen fans will know who the hell Beck is, let alone St. Vincent. Even musicians don’t know St. Vincent. Swift’s going deep into the music world now. She needs everyone on her side as she continues her march towards global domination.

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