The Weeknd Gets to See Bella Hadid Naked

Take a long look at this pic. That’s as close as you’ll get to Bella Hadid. On the other hand, The Weeknd sees her live in the flesh and probably does really unspeakable acts with her. Dirty, dirty things. So dirty you’d want to wash your stinky fingers. The two recently started dating if you weren’t up to date. He’s 25, she’s 18, hey, it’s all good.

Hadid recently posed for GQ September 2015 showing off some major life skills. Namely, looking up, acting disinterested and shoving her tits into the camera.

Cameras are an amazing invention. How the hell did guys capture women in these poses before cameras? At some point in time, you didn’t have the ability to mass produce images. Did someone paint a woman’s figure and every day, men would like up and silently fondle themselves while staring up at the paintings? That must’ve been tough, always getting bumped in the back by some stranger’s hand. “Hey, hey, stop jostling!”

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