Hey Kanye, Smoke Less Weed Before Your Speeches, Bruh

Oh, where to begin on Kanye West’s speech at the VMAs? Dude accepted the Video Vanguard award at the MTV Video Music Awards. Instead of a well-written speech, West gave one that rambled more than your 80-year old grandfather at Christmas dinner. Must’ve had something to do with him smoking weed to “take the edge off”.

Taylor Swift decided to present the award to West. She towered over him like he was Kevin Hart.

West walked onstage and wouldn’t start speaking until he got three standing ovations from the crowd. Each time the crowd went silent, he’d stand there and wait until everyone started cheering again. EGO. What the hell. This dude never learns.

His first words? “Bro”. “BROOOO”. That was the first of many bro’s and bruh’s to come.

He did thank Taylor for being gracious and giving him the award. Then, he went into a long story about the whole “Imma let you finish” incident from years ago. He reflected on what he would’ve done differently. If he had a kid then, would he have jumped onstage and stolen her mic? He framed that moment as standing up for artists who may have been overlooked, and he explained that perhaps this comes out wrong. Uhh, MTV should’ve played him out with a song and gotten him to wrap this up.

Then West went into some sort of persecution complex thing where he said, “Sometimes I feel like I died for the artist’s opinion.” *arms outstretched like Jesus*

Towards the end, Kanye comically added, “We the Millenials, bruh!” This coming from a 40-year old man. Riiight. May want to recheck the definition of Millenial, bruh.

The best part of the speech was the end. Pretty admirable mic drop when Kanye finishes up with, “I have decided, in 2020, to run for President.” Boom, mic on the floor. Speech complete. Vintage Kanye.

Entire speech below.

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