Adriana Lima Makes Dead Foxes Look Good

Imagine you’re a fox. Would you give your life to lie on Adriana Lima’s body for 30 seconds before you died? Yea you would. Lima snagged the Marc Jacobs campaign for his new perfume. Jacobs has been making a bunch of changes since he took over his namesake company. ELLE did a write-up about both in the October issue.

There’s a new CEO in place (Givenchy vet Sebastian Suhl), an IPO said to be down the pike, a spate of internal shake-ups (most recently, shuttering Marc by Marc Jacobs as a freestanding entity and integrating it into the main collection), a makeup line launched, and now, right on cue, the birth of a fragrance.

The magazine hit their thesaurus pretty hard to describe Lima.

Adriana Lima is not the kind of woman who tends to be kept waiting. Particularly when she’s wearing a mere whisper of sheer black net and 27.26 carats of Chopard diamonds, her eyes half closed, her feline form arched in what looks like ecstasy, just waiting for the arrival of her paramour, who is…here!

Uhh, but what about her tits?

Jacobs described why he chose Lima for his new campaign. His reason went beyond “she has a nice ass.”

I wanted this Liz Taylor-esque, almost squirmy sex appeal, this sultriness, and Adriana does give that.

Mmm… Squirmy appeal. Everyone loves a little squirming once in a while. Makes things exciting.

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