Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis Almost Dated

No more Community and Mad Men, but at least Alison Brie shows up in movies. Great comedic actress and easy on the eyes. Am I right, fellas? Brie shows up in Sleeping with Other People. In it, she plays a serial cheater, while Jason Sudeikis plays a womanizer. Both fall for each other. Spoiler alert: they end up cheating on each other and realize that they love sex too much to date one person. That’s how the movie ends in my mind. Not sure if that’s how it does for real.

On the press tour for the film, Dan Harmon, creator of Community, recounted about how he tried setting the two actors up. It almost happened, but that wench Olivia Wilde got in the way.

According to Brie, Harmon texted her one day to ask if it was okay to set her up with Sudeikis. She was all for it — until he replied a bit later to tell her to forget it: Sudeikis was already seeing someone. Looks like Harmon just really thought they would hit it off.

Now, it doesn’t specifically say that woman was Wilde, but it makes my story better. So, roll with it.

Brie also talked about her sex scenes with fellow actor, Marc Blucas.

“This whole movie was really my first experience with sex scenes, probably the most uncomfortable part was the very small flesh-colored underwear that you wear while you shooting it,” the 32-year-old actress told the Daily News.

“It looks pretty tame, I’m wearing my bra and it just looks like he’s shirtless, but in reality, I’m in the tiniest, thinnest flesh-colored thong and he is in like a sock just in case we get too wide a shot.

Whaaaat. I’d skip the sock and go for some true method acting. If the directors caught my dick hanging out and in frame, so be it. If my dick lightly brushed against Brie’s thigh, it’s just ’cause I’m reaaaally method.

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