Thank You Peru for Sending Us Denise Schaefer

We need to be global citizens. Donald Trump wants to build walls around us. If he did that, we’d never be introduced to Denise Schaefer. This Guess lingerie model immigrated to America at age 11 from Peru. She settled into California and gravitated towards modeling. Slowly, she’s been eking out some level of notoriety in Hollywood.

Most notably, she entered into Leonardo DiCaprio’s circle of models early this year. She photographed herself riding in Leo’s private jet and hanging out in his NYC apartment. That dude. Where was my invite????

Connections baby. She also filmed a Carl’s Jr. commercial where she dressed as a flight attendant flogging their Mile High Cheeseburger. Get it? Mile…high? C’mon, sex in an airplane.

I wonder if the director had a sense of humor and made her bite into that burger take after take just to get her fat.

Other than being part of Leo’s black book, she made her Instagram one of the most followed accounts. That’s according to me. Don’t ask how I figured that out. It’s really unscientific.


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Follow her and you can pretend you’re worldly. Don’t follow her and stay in your tiny, little box. You don’t want that, do you?

If you’re a girl who also wants to be featured on our site like Denise, e-mail your name, Instagram and upcoming projects to [email protected].

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