Bully Attacks Blind Kid at School but Justice Isn’t Blind

In this case, justice was named Cody. From the pieces of hearsay I could piece together, a legally blind student named Austin was being punched by a bully who “was just asking a question.” Unable to defend himself as every punch is a sucker punch when you’re legally blind, a hero named Cody swooped in to defend him. Well, not so much defend him as punch the bully once and send him crashing to the concrete to writhe around in his own blood.

“You okay Austin?” “I’m fucking good, Cody.” No one does a justice boner quite like Socal does.

From the Reddit thread, an exchange in the YouTube comments says Austin is hard of seeing. The two have had problems in the past and it all started when Austin asked where someone was. The bully told him to f**k off and started punching him when Austin walked away. Of course, the trustworthiness of YouTube comments is right up there with Nicki Minaj’s ass so I wouldn’t put too much stock into that.

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