Bye Bye, Key & Peele

Comedy Central classic Key & Peele signs off tonight. Boo hoo. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele premiered the show in 2012. It started off, as most shows do, with an uncertain future past its first season. It ended up with seven Emmy awards this year. More cocaine for everyone, woo hoo!

How did it keep its quality so good over five years? Peele said the key is “to stay a step ahead of the audience. Right when they think they know what you’re going to do, you have to try and do something else.”

But why end it now? There’s so much cocaine to be made.

“We both said, ‘Let’s be extremely British about the whole thing,'” Key said. “You do five seasons, and you go away. Then no one can ever tell you they hated the show.”

Peele reiterated the sentiment: “We really feel like it’s important to the legacy of the show to quit before it dips.”

Oh well. It’ll live on forever in YouTube clips though. Ones such as “Substitute Teacher” about the inner-school teacher who can’t get any white kids’ names right.

“East/West College Bowl” was a classic also. Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon!

What about superficial, bigoted slaves? Key & Peele can’t get why they don’t get bought at the slave auction.

We found out what President Obama’s really thinking with his translator, Luther. Luther would take Obama’s laid-back nature and distill his anger in the skit, “Obama’s Anger Translator — Meet Luther”.

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