Cameron Diaz Pregnant with Her Own Little Good Charlottes

There goes Cameron Diaz trying to steal Lucy Liu’s thunder. Liu gave birth to Rockwell Lloyd Liu last week. Now comes word Diaz has twins gestating inside of her. That’s twice the number of rugrats! Interesting that Liu was 46 when she had her kid. Diaz is 43. Women putting off motherhood for their careers. It’s a phenomenon found not just in the ‘normies’ population.

Liu used a surrogate for her pregnancy. Diaz supposedly underwent in vitro fertilization. That’s what happens when you try to get pregnant over age 40. Twins and triplets also occur more often with IVF. Just a little bio lesson for y’all.

“Although she’s just a few weeks in, Cameron is hoping her babies turn out to be a boy and a girl. She’s excited to start shopping for the nursery.” There is a bit of a worry surrounding this pregnancy, Cam is at a greater risk for complications, due to her age. “They’re being very cautious,” the insider stated. “She’s very healthy and everything looks great so far. They’re hoping for the best.”

This really IS an insider. Calling Diaz ‘Cam’. Also, Benji Madden is seven years younger than Diaz. I kinda forgot about that. Now, the twin is having twins.

Benji must be jumping for joy! Their source added, “He’s so protective of her and the babies that it’s hard for him to focus on anything else. He just can’t wait to be a dad.”

Drew Barrymore beat them all. She’s 40 with two kids ages 3 and 1. Yea, motherhood is not a race, but that’s what losers say.

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8 years ago

Yeah, it’s more difficult to get pregnant when you’re older. Heck, it could even be difficult for a younger woman. I was 26 when we tried to get pregnant. I am now 30 with a 6 month old daughter. So it took a long time because I had an irregular period, thankfully tracking apps (free on Google Play Store) and OPKs (free from were very helpful.