Chipotle Sued for Causing 5-Day Diarrhea

Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant. I could stop writing and post this article with just that one sentence and probably still get a point across. However, even for fast food standards, it sounds like this particular victim bit off way more than she could chew… or s**t out.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, a number of Chipotle restaurants in Minnesota suffered from a salmonella outbreak in August causing 45 people to become ill. The press release alleges that “produce” may be a source of the outbreak. The Minnesota Department of Health also adds:

Between Aug. 16 and Aug. 26, Chipotle served more than 560,000 customers in Minnesota and has taken every appropriate measure to ensure that it is safe to eat in its restaurants. Investigators are confident that ongoing transmission at Chipotle as part of this outbreak has ended.

Of the 560,000 customers, one anonymous women decided to sue the chain, seeking damages for “general pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, medical expenses, emotional distress, and pharmaceutical expenses.” Not gruesome enough? Let me paint a more disgusting picture. She experienced stomach cramping and diarrhea for five days after eating at Chipotle. Her symptoms grew worse over the next several days and she was admitted to a hospital on August 23, where she was treated with IV fluid for severe dehydration. She was released on September 1, but has to go back for blood clots and you guessed it… more diarrhea.

If she wins, we can all adopt “diarrhea” as a new excuse not to go to work, or that party all the way across town. I mean, it seems pretty serious. As for Chipotle, I still say that only 45 out of 560,000 people getting sick is still great odds. To reiterate, Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant.


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