Did Taylor Swift Fart?

Guys. I’m sorry I’m late in covering what may become the most debated topic this week. Did Taylor Swift or didn’t Taylor Swift fart while introducing her video for Wildest Dreams at the VMAs this past Sunday?

Heated discussions have already begun taking place. One side says that was totally a fart. While pinching their nose and wafting their hands in the air, this side points out Swift’s reaction after the noise and accuse Swift-bff Karlie Kloss of making a fart-cringe-face.

The other side says it was just an erroneous sound that resembled a fart. MTV is taking this side claiming their mics are directional and that there’s “absolutely no possibility” of them picking up a fart. Sure, MTV. Using science to debunk a theory? Ha, what’s next? We evolved from apes?!

As for me? I don’t think it was a fart. Mostly because I’ve been taught girls don’t fart. Or poo for that matter. Plus, even if Taylor did fart, it’d probably at least be in key.

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Harlan Greenstein
Harlan Greenstein
7 years ago

HA HA HA HA !! Love Taylor she is so human …but I hard it too!!!

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