Guess Which Ass Belongs to Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr ain’t nothin’ but a gold digger. She ain’t messin’ with no broke, HEY OHHH! See that pic. One of them is Miranda’s ass. Evan Spiegel gets to hit it. The other is not. That’s the ass they’ll invite to a billionaire threesome later.

Kerr’s got the gold digger game on point. She’s currently dating Spiegel who’s worth an estimated $2.1 billion. That’s actually a step down from her previous billionaire ATM register, James Packer. The Australian businessman clocked in a net worth of $4.7 billion. That’s a lot of kangaroo meat.

Packer currently dates Mariah Carey, but put Kerr on the payroll┬áin the past. Bet he can figure out which is Kerr’s ass.

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Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen
8 years ago

Easy, even if you’re not a kerr Fan, you’ll know she has a marking on the back of her right thigh. So the girl on our right is Kerr.

8 years ago
Reply to  Vy Nguyen

Thank you for that confirmation. I had guessed right, but strictly on shape of ass.