Hailey Baldwin Puts Her Abs on Display

Celebs surely get tired sucking in their gut all day. At least the women do. Guys don’t need to do that. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio or Ben Affleck. They have fat, gelatinous stomachs that bounce around and girls STILL throw themselves at those guys. A-list and rich. It’s why they got into this game!

Hailey Baldwin ain’t too bad. Supposedly, she’s only 18. They may want to check the rings around her toes or the stretch marks on her thighs. No way this girl is only 18. Looks like she’s pushing 30 in these pics. Late 20’s if I’m being nice. Maybe it’s the makeup. Maybe she gets too much sun. Whatever the case, she needs to slather on more moisturizer.

Baldwin recently made her New York Fashion Week runway debut. You would not have known this if I didn’t tell you. You’d see a flock of thin models and wouldn’t even be able to point her out.

She modeled for Tommy Hilfiger. Vogue caught up with her after her debut. Guess what? She was excited.

Tommy’s a really iconic brand and I feel lucky to be able to debut with them. Karl Templer and the whole team are just really amazing and make you feel so comfortable; they’ve made the experience really easy for me. I’m just excited for people to see the collection because it’s such a cool vibe. It’s very island—and that’s all I’m going to say until people see it! But it’s very cool; it’s very relaxed.

Island’s in guys! Get me all the Hawaiian shirts you have, Goodwill!

If Baldwin and Kendall Jenner had an MMA fight, who would win? I take Baldwin by beatdown. Kendall’s too prissy. Growing up a Baldwin at least teaches you to fight. Let’s make this happen!

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