It’s Anthony Sadler, the Dude Who Stopped That French Terrorist on the Train

Recently, three Americans and a Briton saved a French train full of passengers from an AK-47 wielding terrorist. America to the rescue yet again, France. For their heroism, Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos received the Legion of Honor — France’s highest recognition. Of course, no hero journey would be complete without a trip to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Sadler visited the set to recount his selfless act, and also, get that booty that comes with being a hero.

“There’s the gunman coming in the train cocking an AK and I’m like, ‘Is this real? Is somebody playing a joke?’ The next second I look back at my friends [U.S. servicemen Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos] and he’s just like, ‘Go.’ Both of them get up and then I just followed them.”

That’s baller right there. One word, ‘Go.’ I’ll try that at the clubs. Hey ladies, ‘Go.’ Slaaaap!

“I fully expected a gunshot to go off before we got there, but it just never did, thank God. And then Spencer hopped on him [the gunman], few seconds later me and Alek were there. We got to beat him down a little bit.”

This dude gonna get some reality TV offers. Young, good-looking, American hero.

Check out the clip. It’s six minutes and well worth your time to listen to a true hero.

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