Cindy Crawford Mini-Me Ready to Take Over the Modeling World

Beautiful people make beautiful children. That’s the lesson for today. The loins of Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford produced a future 14-year old modeling superstar, Kaia Gerber. This carbon copy of Crawford picked up a Versace campaign at age 10. You, YOU, barely knew how to count at that age.

Some kids go to high school and debut a new haircut. Mini-me Crawford turned heads when she showed up at the recent New York Fashion Week. IMG agency signed her up, she recently showed up in Vogue Italia and also in Carine Roitfield‘s CR Fashion Book. I supposed that’s something fancy? Whatever the case, people want to see her.

It’s scary how closely she resembles Cindy Crawford. Almost like she was created in a lab. Welcome to the future of designer babies right here. Where gene holders buy reasonable reproductions of themselves in a bid to take over the world with a race of mini-me’s.

Gerber even has an Instagram. If you like browsing 14-year old Instagrams, umm….here you go? Just remember, we never met.

Looks like I'm @ school

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Sand? Never heard of it.

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Happy Easter from me and @CambrieSchroder who somehow manages to hold me up with a broken left knee.

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A little #bts @teenvogue (I know… The background is super chic)

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