Kaley Cuoco Rich AF but Still Uses a Plastic Bag to Carry Her Stuff

Kaley Cuoco is a lottery winner. She hit payday with The Big Bang Theory. Her salary is over a million per episode. They’re also in syndication, so she gets those residuals and is set for life. If it wasn’t for her boob implants though, she’d be another struggling actress. She even admitted that last year when she said they were the “best thing ever“. Back then, she was referring to finally having something up top. Read between the lines though. No boobs, no jobs. How many flat-chested stars are there? Not many.

Even with all that money, Cuoco still lugs her belongings around like you and me. In a sweet, Sports Authority plastic bag. The photog agency says she’s coming out of yoga class. So, I’m assuming it’s stinky yoga pants and a wet bra in that bag. A bag that is now worth a fortune to panty-sniffer fetishists.

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