Kate Upton’s Lopsided Breasts

Let’s check in on Kate Upton. Haven’t heard from this gal in a while. She’s still doing the modeling thing. Here she turned up in a random Sports Illustrated showering video.

See? That’s her, fake showering. Last big thing I remember her from were the Game of War ads.

She recently swung by Harper’s Bazaar “Evening of Fantasy Celebrating Icons” event Wednesday. The event closed the New York Fashion Week. Upton walked the red carpet while her breasts did their best to pop out. Try better next time, Breasts!

Perhaps Upton’s dress was designed incorrectly, making it seem like Upton has two asymmetrical breasts. Or she really does have lopsided tits. It’s not that strange. People always have asymmetrical features. Her breasts look like Whac-a-Mole. You try shoving one back down the dress and the other one pops right back out. Side note: I wonder what her cleavage smells like. Either floral or vanilla.

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