Keep Leaning Over, Katy Perry. Yeaaa, That’s It

Katy Perry needs to plaster her tits, not her hands. THOSE made her famous. Perry attended the premiere for fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s new film, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer. What, not the People’s Champ? Can you smeeelll-ell-elll-ell what Scott is cooking???

Evidently, she’s back from Burning Man. She stuck her palms in cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for publicity. In doing so, she showed off her usual cleavage. Less hand prints, more tit prints. Tit prints have a dual effect. First, nude celebs. Second, tourists taking off their bras and shoving their tits into celeb tit prints to see how they compare. Imagine Hollywood Boulevard lined up with people shoving their breasts into the sidewalk. Tourism would skyrocket.

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