Kylie Jenner Definitely Has Our Attention Now

Kim Kardashian’s reign lasted how long? Maybe a decade. Her sex tape came out in 2007. She admitted years ago the ‘leaked’ tape put her on the map. Also on the radar of Kanye West. Yet, no one can stay the Ho Champion forever. There’s a new Ho Queen in town and she slapped Kim away with her ho ass. Welcome to your royal throne, Kylie Jenner.

Kylie’s also slowly overtaking, or has already overtaken, Kendall Jenner. Their app’s recent hack revealed Kylie’s gotten ten times more subscribers than Kylie. Bet Kylie’s proud of that because there’s friction between the two sisters.

Through hard work, persistence, bikini pics, surgery and selling her soul to the devil, Kylie proves you can achieve anything in America with a little elbow grease and lube. (Kylie thanks you Tyga!)

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