Move Over #Thighgap, It’s All About #Thighbrow Now

Perfect, another way to get women to put more skin pics on Instagram. Recently, the #thighgap trend had women plastering pics online of the spaces between their thighs. The implication being that I’m so skinny, my thighs don’t even touch. Really awesome for views, really bad for many women’s self-esteem and a boon for anorexia. People wrote think pieces about the trends. Obviously, one side argued that it objectified women, gave them unhealthy self images and unrealisticic views of beauty. You know, the usual. The other side was umm, happy to see more photos of women. Or skinny women. They were on the other side also.

Now, there’s a new trend that everyone can participate in. Trophies for everyone! It’s called #thighbrow. Basically, it’s the crease that’s created where your upper thigh and lower waist meet. Here, let me show you.

See? Anyone can participate because everyone can create that fold. Fat, skinny, short, tall. Just sit a certain way and voila! A new vagina is born. It’s a trend that includes everyone and that’s a plus. It also gives guys a new place to put their dicks. Which is a plus in some ways. Also, a fun party trick.

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8 years ago

See? S**t like this is why fart porn exists.