Paige Spiranac Is Good with Sticks and Balls

Here’s how golf will get the next generation of viewers. Short skirts and zip down tops that expose cleavage. If you don’t believe me, you haven’t seen Paige Spiranac. She recently graduated from San Diego State University where she starred on the golf team. Now, she’s taking a crack at the Pro Tour. She’ll definitely make the cut if they go by hotness. Her Instagram’s part golf-related, part modeling portfolio.

Have you ever wanted to see Annika Sörenstam pose like this?

Of course not because you have eyes that function. Care to see what Julie Inkster drinks? Nope. But you’ll care about Spiranac.

Is it weird that I actually love Mondays? But Happy Monday to everyone who hates them. You can get through it! ☺️

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My face after sprints looks very similar to my face after I 3 putt haha

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Callaway Golf, one of her sponsors, “interviewed” her for a YouTube video. It comes off like softcore porn. They ask her softball questions while she walks around and porn-sounding music plays in the background. We learn that she idolizes Ronda Rousey and she HAS to read Total Frat Move every day. What?? Total Frat Move?? Not The Blemish? F**k that.

Here’s another video where they switch up the background music to lite metal. Still reminds me of softcore porn.

The only golf I wanna see right about now is Spiranac and Michelle Wie whacking at balls in short skirts. Over and over and over.

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