Ronda Rousey Takes Over Patrick Swayze’s Role in ‘Road House’ Remake

Ronda Rousey strikes while the iron is hot. Hollywood loves fresh faces, so naturally, they’ve been looking for movie roles that fit her persona. Well, here’s the Road House remake that you never asked for.

Rousey will star in the 1989 movie that originally featured Patrick Swayze. That was 20+ years ago. Old enough that the new generation of Rousey fans won’t compare her to Swayze. They probably also don’t even know Patrick Swayze, so there’s that.

Variety reports:

Released in 1989, the original film starred Swayze as a bouncer hired to clean up one of the rowdiest, loudest bars in Missouri, The Double Deuce. A gentleman with a degree in philosophy, Swayze’s character’s calm is put to the test when he needs to protect the town from a corrupt businessman.

Obviously, Hollywood wants to showcase her physicality for this role. They should take the Schwarzenegger approach and limit her lines to hide that lack of acting ability. In fact, the whole movie should be her punching and arm-barring people in between grunts and one word answers.

Busy year for Ronda.

This will be the fourth project being specifically developed for Rousey to star in, following her biopic “My Fight/Your Fight” at Paramount, “The Athena Project” at Warner Bros. and the STX action pic “Mile 22,” which has Pete Berg on board to direct. Production for the latter is set to start in February, following Rousey’s next fight against Holly Holm on Nov. 14.

Gotta get those movies in before the next hot thing comes along.

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