Salma Hayek Rips Donald Trump a New One

Usually, Salma Hayek’s tits are the news. Hey, those boobs are connected to a mouth too ya know. Hayek watched Donald Trump turn American politics into a circus. That scares her. Quite a bit. Hayek landed at the Toronto Film Festival to promote her new movie, Septembers of Shiraz. She also had choice words for Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential Race.

“America is in trouble. We have to take this very seriously. This is not a reality show. America is not a reality show. This is not a popularity contest. This is not Miss America or Miss Universe.”

That’s for sure. No one wants to see Trump or Jeb Bush parading around in a two-piece bikini. Save that for date nights.

Hayek implies that whoever gets elected President needs to have a certain sophistication when it comes to politics.

“We’re talking about a President who has to deal with a world that has a lot of very strong international conflicts—and they’re going to have to interact with it…

Turns out Hayek has a lot on her mind, not just politics. She sounds very, erm, passionate. Like a passionate Latina? Yes.

“We could spend three weeks doing a special on all the things that concern me about the world! It’s everywhere you look—it’s chaos,” she says. “In different ways, every way you look is chaos. There are so many things that concern me about the world. But you know what, I’m proud that it concerns me. Because there are a lot of people who are not concerned.”

I’m assuming the interviewer kept nodding their head to whatever Hayek said. Not because he or she was terribly enthralled. More like they were transfixed watching her tits bounce up and down as she talked. Hey, that’s objectification!

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