Selena Gomez Opens Her Cleavage Window

Selena Gomez gets better by the day. Even more so now that she’s growing into herself, leaving the baby fat behind and putting on tight ass clothes. Also walking around with peek-a-boo cleavage.

I love these cut-out blouses. They’re like picture frames for breasts. It’d be like if I cut-out the bottom of my underwear. Not enough to let my balls hang out, but just enough to have the outline of two round peaches hanging off a tree. Testicles don’t get enough love, amirite ladies? Hellooo? Don’t walk away. Again. *sniffs*

Gomez recently admitted to her first crush. You’d never guess. Barney the Dinosaur. Well, actually, the man inside the costume.

“Do you know what was really awkward? The guy in the suit was kind of attractive. At that time you are young, you’re seven and you are like ‘What are these things that I’m feeling, he is so attractive’,” the Spring Breakers star candidly revealed on the Alan Carr’s Chatty Man Show.

That man inside was David Joyner, now 52. Back then, probably around 40? Gomez starred on Barney & Friends when she was ten to eleven years old. She’s 23 now, so yea, Joyner was about 40.

I’m sure lots of guys dressed up as Barney would love to be the first crushes of random 10-year old girls. They’re also the same guys who aren’t allowed within 500 feet of elementary schools.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
8 years ago

Uuumm yes. Those are beautiful, and they look so fun and playful @uuummkisses