The Wonderfully Odd World That Is Rain Florence’s YouTube Channel

Breastfeeding, enemas and general oddball-ness are some of the things you can find on Rain Florence’s semi-popular YouTube channel. Florence is a fruitarian, someone who subsists on mostly fruit and greens, fig farmer living in Texas who’s into attachment parenting. Albeit, she seems to be living in Ecuador lately.

Florence has vowed to breastfeed her son until he’s 6 because Einstein allegedly did it and, dude, I heard that guy was pretty smart. Naturally, her baby will be Einstein smart as well.

While 90% of her videos are of her kid sucking on her nipples in places like Subway, Target and farmer’s markets in an attempt to destigmatize public breastfeeding, the other 10% is just insanity.

Case in point. Rain Florence once gave herself a coffee enema. As she explains it, putting coffee up your ass is a good way to detox the body as it targets the liver. Don’t even bother to look that one up. The science checks out. Though, remember, you must stay hydrated when you push coffee up your butt. That’s just Coffee Enema 101.

There are videos that are more tame in comparison. Like this one where she describes how she showers without using any shampoo, conditioner or soap. Yea, not that weird.

But then there’s this one where she dyes her hair. With period blood.

Apparently it was entirely by accident but her husband said the tint was so beautiful that she just had to tell everyone how to do it. The way the sun hits her and lights up her period stained hair? Bellissimo. *Kisses fingers to sky*

So, if you ever get really high and have time to kill, go down the rabbit hole that his Rain Florence’s YouTube channel.

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Rain Florence
Rain Florence
8 years ago

Thank you Victor, I loved your writeup ;) Gotta go dye my hair!
Love ya, Rain

7 years ago

you forgot to mention the part where she abuses her child