Tori Spelling to Benihana — Y’all Burned Me and Now You’re Gonna Pay!

Benihana’s gonna turn into Pennihana after Tori Spelling finishes with them. The actress burned herself back in April after tripping and falling into their grills. Not on the menu: burning plastic C-list celeb. Best paired with: tears.

Spelling suffered “deep second and third degree burn injuries” and required skin grafts for them to heal. Now, she’s suing the Benihana chain for EVERY LAST CENT! Well, that’s what she hopes will happen because her rich mother cut her off. That decision and financial troubles forced Spelling and her family to downsize to a $10,500 per month rental in Encino. You know, where the plebeians  live. Gross. TMZ gives info on the lawsuit:

In the lawsuit Spelling says she racked up medical expenses, “general damage” and wage loss … although there’s no mention of where she was employed. She’s suing the Benihana corporation — not just the Encino location.

Typical slip n’ fall. Insurance covers Benihana. They’ll likely settle out of court and forego a drawn out battle. Her lawyer gets 40% while Spelling gets the rest. Let’s peg it at a couple hundred thousand.

It’ll help Spelling stave off bankruptcy and buy her some time. It won’t, however, get her out of the hellhole they call Encino. People trying to get out of Encino look like that scene from World War Z .

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