UCLA Sorority Girl Found Murdered in Burning Apartment Days Before Court Case for Drug Dealing

Someone didn’t want their dirty laundry aired. Firefighters found the body of UCLA senior, Andrea ‘Andy’ DelVesco, this past Monday inside a burning apartment in Westwood. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Arson investigators and LAPD detectives are still trying to determine whether the 21-year-old died before the fire broke out, or whether she perished in the blaze.

Even more suspicious, when you consider the following.

According to officials, DelVesco’s apartment was equipped with working smoke alarms, and there were no bars on the windows to prevent her from escaping the flames and smoke.

The LA Times reported a ‘person of interest’ was seen running away from the scene. Maybe a lower level foot soldier in the drug organization? That’s my guess, based on my extensive background in organized crime, i.e. watching a lot of TV shows.

According to NBC Los Angeles, DelVesco was arrested in June for possessing Ecstasy, LSD, meth and Psilocybin, with intent to sell. She pleaded not guilty in July and was due back in court this coming Friday. Well, there’s one less court case on the docket now.

DelVesco, 21, was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority and majored in Psychology and Spanish. Pi Beta Phi Chapter President Jacquie Medeiros paid tribute to DelVesco.

“Andy had a contagious spirit and was a fearless giver.. Andy was a friend to every person she met. She was always inclusive and there for everyone. More than anything, Andy wanted us to be ourselves … and most of all to never ever give up.”

That bubbling personality came in handy dealing drugs. Too bad. She could’ve used those sales skills in some other field.

LAPD has declined to discuss specifics of its investigation, but the drug charges are a factor that detectives would consider, said licensed private investigator Paul Huebl, a former Chicago Police Officer experienced in the handling of narcotics cases.

“They have to look at it. It’s very serious,” Huebl said.

No s**t. Try not to f**k this up, LA detectives.

DelVesco came from Texas and leaves behind a sister, Alex, brother James and her parents.

(Images courtesy of Andrea DelVesco Facebook)

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