2600-Foot Long Drug Smuggling Tunnel Discovered

A 2600-foot long tunnel used to smuggle drugs was discovered by the Feds recently in an area south of San Diego. This massive tunnel, which led to the U.S.-Mexico border, had lighting, a ventilation system, and a rail system.


This discovery led to the arrest of 22 people and the confiscation of 12 tons ($6 million worth) of weed. Isaias Enriquez-Acosta, 53, and Isidro Silva-Acosta, 27, were charged on Thursday after the Wednesday night bust. They were charged with “unlawful conspiracy to import a controlled substance and conspiracy to use border tunnels and passages.”

I take that back. This is terrible news. Now the Feds are gonna get to blaze on all of these guys’ product for free while they rot in prison. Weak. 

This tunnel is one of the largest ever discovered, though more than 75 smuggling tunnels have been found in states surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border since 2010. If this 2600-foot long tunnel isn’t even the biggest one ever found, I wonder just how big the biggest one was. We should just respect their dedication and let them do it up.

“The success of this investigation is yet another example of our commitment to secure the border while combating the increasingly dangerous underground smuggling activity.”  

So says Dave Shaw, special agent in charge for ICE Homeland Security Investigations in San Diego. Cool, dude. If you want to combat weed, bust a music festival and leave these dudes just tryna do their best alone. Clearly they are geniuses ahead of their time. Let me see you covertly build a 2600-foot long tunnel with its own goddamn rail system, Dave from Homeland Security. 

(Header Image: ABC)

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