4-Year-Old Girl Casualty of New Mexico Road-Rage Shooting

KOAT 7 Albuquerque reports that on Tuesday a 4-year-old girl was shot in a road rage shooting and has died.

Reportedly, police have identified a suspect vehicle and are calling this a road rage case, as the family in the car didn’t recognize the shooter. According to KOAT 7 via Gawker:

A father, mother and child were in the car, but only the child was injured. It’s unclear how many shots were fired.

An off-duty Bernalillo County deputy pulled over to help shortly after the shooting. At first he thought the child had fallen out of the car, but then he learned she’d been shot.

I hope they catch this armed and dangerous manchild. A guy cuts you off or something so you go Grand Theft Auto on him? Despicable. I’m gonna cut out before somebody pops up to tell me this tragedy could have been avoided if the toddler had an assault rifle. Poor kid. Rest in peace.

Update: A ‘person of interest’ has been detained in the case. Why is he a ‘person of interest’ and not a suspect?

Investigators are waiting on warrants to search a home that may contain a vehicle in a garage, he said.

“We have at least two search warrants we need to serve in order to gather enough evidence to take him from person of interest to suspect,” [Officer Tanner] Tixier said.

Crush his nuts, Albuquerque.

(Image: NBC News)

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