7 Years After His Death, Heath Ledger’s Red Carpet Kiss Goes Viral

A video showing Heath Ledger surprising a screaming fan with a kiss on the red carpet for the 2006 American Film Institute Awards is taking the internet by storm. The woman is so excited and shocked that she passes out.

What is this? Beatlemania?

In a twist, it turns out that the woman isn’t me or some other crazy fan that wanted Heath Ledger to an embarrassing extent. She is actress Magda Szubanski from the Australian TV comedy Kath and Kim. She dressed as her character from the show, Sharon Strzelecki, for the red carpet event.

A few hours later during the ceremony, Szubanski presented the “News Limited Readers’ Choice Award” to Ledger and hoped for another smooch from the man. Her thirst was real (amen), but the actor denied her another kiss because a “Heath rash” had spread all over her chest and mouth.

Heath Ledger also took home the award for Best International Actor that night, presented by Daniel Radcliffe.

Ledger passed of away of an accidental prescription drug overdose two years later in 2008. He was only 28.

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