Why We Almost Missed Out On Adele’s ’25’

Imagine a world where Adele released the incredible Grammy winning Album 21, performed the chilling and bombastic Oscar winning theme for ‘Skyfall’, and then disappeared. Forever.     

According to the notoriously private soul singer, that’s almost exactly what we got.

Adele told BBC Radio 2 on Friday night that she struggled so much with writing 25 that she considered bowing out of the music game all together.

“It all slowed down. Obviously, I took a lot of time off because I became a mum. I took a lot of time off for that and then when I thought I was ready to start writing, I wasn’t…so I took some more time off. And then I was ready.”

The singer went through this process so many times, that she thought she’d ‘dried up’ and should just give it all up. After listening to her latest single “Hello”, I have to say that she is the last music industry big shot that needs to take a conscientious step down. Honey, if Madonna’s still piggybacking off freaking people out 25 years ago, you can feel free to keep this Adele train rolling in the deep. We’re here for you. You got this.

“There was also a period where I thought, ‘Maybe I should just go out on a high. Maybe people have heard enough of me. Maybe that’s all they want to hear. I didn’t want to come back with anything that people wouldn’t like.”

Never stop Adele. Don’t you dare. Modern pop is a homogenous Auto-Tuned nightmare plagued by racist white-girl rappers plucked off the Australian Outback and Billy Ray Cyrus’s achey breaky twerk-spawn. Only you can save us, Adele. You are the hero we need right now. Pls.

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