‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cancelled

After 22 seasons America’s Next Top Model, everyone’s favorite show about how empowering it is for women to go to desperate lengths to be considered attractive, has been cancelled by the CW.

Come on, like you didn’t watch it. We all did. After airing on UPN in 2003, ANTMĀ quickly became an institution. Like you didn’t spend too much time in the mirror trying to ‘smize’ and find yourself looking like Steve Buscemi. Don’t play with me. You did it.

Who knew watching people compete for something that none of them would ever actually achieve could be so much fun? Millions tuned in every season to watch thin girls have tantrums, get criticized, stomp their way to the ‘top’ in couture trash bag bras, get covered in spiders, and then never be heard from again.

In a quick move to look like the CW didn’t break up with her, but she broke up with them, Tyra tweeted that she thinks this current season should be the show’s last.


Rest in peace, ANTM. You were so good to us.

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