Andy Richter Vs Twitter Gun Nuts

Conan sidekick Andy Richter took to Twitter this week to do something dangerous: piss off people who love guns more than other people. He used the rifle humper’s kryptonite, a logical look at reality, to blow their arguments apart.

The comedian called out the NRA after the Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Oregon. He cited the importance of gun laws in preventing future repeats of this uniquely American epidemic. Richter started when he tweeted The New York Times column by Nicholas Kristof, “A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths.” Kristof, who is not even in the vicinity of screwing around, lays down some horrifying statistics. In 2013, roughly three times the number of preschoolers died looking down the barrel of a gun than police officers in the line of duty. This is according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI. If you’re into post-apocalyptic dystopian future crap, look no further. We’re already here.

After sharing this article, Richter was immediately set upon by hordes of ignorant and probably evil people, with a lot of really mind-numbing comments so stupid I can’t call them arguments, and hardly want to call them opinions. These include hits such as:

“It’s totally African American gangs shooting down all these preschoolers and not repeatedly white men with entitlement issues, but I’m not racist for saying this #NoRacist.”

Or “Um, people should just not go to places, because gun violence can happen?”

Of course, Richter made them look even dumber and more insane than they looked already, with this perfect tweet.

Richter: 1, Twitter Gun Nuts: -7005. You all get less than nothing. You are the worst. 

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