Ariana Grande Blue Herself

Ariana Grande released her new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 commercial. Oh sorry, her new music video for “Focus” where she puts on a platinum and blue wig and blows a trumpet. No, that’s not a euphemism. She’s really blowing a trumpet. They’ve also put her in a box to dance around for our amusement like a futuristic high-end peepshow. As for the song, it uses the same formula as her other single, “Problem”. I give it 4 zZzz’s.

There’s also a fantastic chorus sang by Pitbull that goes, “Fubish on meh.” Fubish on meh indeed!

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Perry de Havilland
Perry de Havilland
7 years ago

She looks delightful but musically is completely interchangeable with any number of other modern pop stars

Ernest Boyd
Ernest Boyd
7 years ago

Pure fetish porn. Love it.

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