Body of Murdered Woman Mistaken For Halloween Decoration

What looks like an Onion article just happened for reals in Chillicothe, Ohio. Cops confirmed to PEOPLE that residents of Chillicothe saw a bloated corpse hanging from a chain link fence, and ignored it because they thought it was a Halloween decoration.

I call bullshit. You know what’s a festive Halloween decoration? Little plastic bats arranged in a quirkily off kilter line on the front of the house. You know what isn’t? A foul-smelling corpse dangling from a janky fence, unless you’re Jeffrey Dahmer. I feel like these Ohio morons just didn’t feel like dealing with it, and figured if they left it alone long enough somebody else would do something about it.

Cops say the victim, 31-year-old Rebecca Cade, had been beaten with a rock and was trying to escape her attacker by hopping the fence, but ended up getting caught in the barbs on top of it and dying there. Her identity might have never been discovered at all, had it not been for a construction worker who tried to move her body. He somehow also thought she was just a Halloween prank, and boy was he surprised.

The suspect in the case is 27-year-old Chillicothe native, Donnie Cochenour Jr., who has been charged with one count of murder. The police say Cade and Cochenhour had an altercation late Monday or early Tuesday which escalated quickly. Cochenour allegedly grabbed a rock and started beating her to death with it. Cochenhour pleaded not guilty, and is currently being held in the Ross County Jail on a $2 million bond.

This only gets worse. Cochenhour has mental health issues, and was once found not guilty in an assault case by reason of insanity. Cade received public services for developmental disabilities, and was known for being very easily misled. In a twist nobody really wanted, this absurd occurrence is actually kinda a horrible tragedy. Awkward. 

(H/T People)

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