Chrissy Teigen Dressing Up as Guy Fieri Is the Best Thing to Happen Today

Proving once again she’s one of a kind, Chrissy Teigen did an early Halloween costume on her show, FABLife. She went all out as Guy Fieri from the blonde ‘do to the shirt with flames. Harder to dress up was Guy’s douche attitude.

Why did she do this? Only because she’s the coolest person ever. Oh and probably because ratings for FABLife are in the toilet and they needed anything, ANYTHING, to boost viewership.

Insiders have called the ratings “catastrophic” and a “disaster”.

“ABC’s already looking for a replacement [for ‘FABLife’],” said a third source, who added that new producers are being hired to inject fabulousness. “It’s not going to survive with a 0.7 [rating].”

Sad that a random show named Crime Watch Daily is beating the Tyra Banks/Chrissy Teigen daytime talk show. Maybe not totally surprising, since watching two supermodels jibber jabber sounds like as much fun as a dry handjob. When an episode of “therapy dog shot in the face” beats you in the ratings, you’ve got problems.

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