Coen Bros’ ‘Hail, Caesar!’ Trailer Almost Too Much For Me

I am a diehard Coen brothers fangirl and the trailer for their newest movie, Hail, Caesar!, promises everything I love about the Coens, and more!

Hail, Caesar! is a goofy behind-the-scenes look at Old Hollywood. As usual, Joel and Ethan have jam packed their movie with stars, many who are return players. Josh Brolin stars as Eddie Mannix, who is saddled with the responsibility of finding the studio’s biggest star, Baird Whitlock, after he is abducted and held for ransom. Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Alden Ehrenreich (who I loved in the under-performing vampire movie Beautiful Creatures, so I’m glad to see him working with the Coens!), my girl Frances McDormand, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, and Tilda Swinton as gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

I will truly lose my mind waiting for the release of this film, and probably lose whatever is left of it while watching it. A cool thing the Coens seem to do is follow up serious all-the-awards winning films with a weird, goofy passion project. They first started talking about Hail, Caesar! in 2004, but it didn’t move into development until 2013.

It’s out February 5, and should hopefully offer some relief from the sludge that usually populates movie theaters that early in the year. Can’t wait.

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