College Official Shamed for Sharing Article on Female Orgasm

Jude Legiste, a dorm director at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, may have come on a little too strong when he shared a Deadspin article about the female orgasm with the 300 students who live in his hall. While some would say he’s a true humanitarian for trying to teach college bros that sex includes a lot more than the old in-out-in-out, others are offended by all of this sexy talk.

The email, sent with the subject “You Gone Learn Today!!”, was a link to the Deadspin article “A Guide To Making Her Come Without Using Your Dick,” which was written by activist Madeleine HoldenIf you thought maybe we’ve moved past the dark ages and people are no longer terrified of us apple-loving tarts and our devil vagina magic, have I got news for you. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes us right back to 1469 with the kind of spin on this you’d expect from a man hiding a hunchback in a cathedral bell tower. According to them, the email:

“….included crude, salacious descriptions of how to achieve orgasm through different methods, with little context as to what prompted him to send it or why any student would want to read it.”

Thanks Reverend Buzzkill. Looks like you need to stop sipping on that haterade and learn to rock the shocker.

Legiste will not be fired, but has had an official reprimand put on his file. He e-mailed an apology to the students in his hall three days after his initial e-mail.

“I didn’t think it through. For me, a large part of it was to start a conversation about gender equality… I was wrong and I take full responsibility.”

Good for you, Jude Legiste. A gentleman in bed and via e-mail (I guess). Anything that educates people on sex in a practical way and also makes comfy vagina-fearing conservatives a little less comfy is good in my book. A+, sir.

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