Courteney Cox Rushing to Get More Plastic Surgery Before Wedding

Recent photos of Courteney Cox have shown what looks like fresh plastic surgery, and insiders speculate that it’s in preparation for her upcoming wedding day. She stepped out on September 17 in Beverly Hills and shocked onlookers, who have never seen an actress under societal pressure to remain ageless and fuckable before!

This isn’t the first time Cox has been called out for bad procedures. And yes, we understand that she could have aged gracefully, she’s beautiful! But in a world where Maggie Gyllenhaal is told by executives that 37 is “too old” to play the love interest of a 55-year old man, can you actually look down on actresses doing all they can to remain employable? Courteney is 51 and she looks great, plastic surgery or no.

Cox’s betrothed is Johnny McDaid, 39, lead singer of British band Snow Patrol. The couple began dating in December 2013 and were engaged a mere six months later.

Cox was previously married to David Arquette (loved him in See Spot Run). They met while filming Scream and separated in 2010, one of the saddest celebrity couple splits in recent memory.

(H/T Celebitchy)

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