Creepy Video Puzzle With Mysterious Origins Stumps Internet

Just in time for Halloween, a creepy video puzzle containing dark Satanic imagery and threatening coded messages allegedly arrived at a Sweden-based tech blog GadgetZZ. The DVD is a two-minute grainy video of a person dressed as a medieval plague doctor raising their right hand to reveal a blinking light in their palm. It’s accompanied by a soundtrack of screeching white noise, which was found to have hidden messages within it, such as the image of a person being tortured and threatening text messages.


There are several hidden messages within the video clip as well, including one frame flashing coded coordinates and strings of Morse code. Reddit users worked to decode them and discovered that the strings of Morse code read “RED LIPSLIKE TENTH” and the coded coordinates are those of the White House.

The plot thickens.

This video has even been uploaded to internet at least twice before. The oldest known version was posted to YouTube by a user with the account name AETBX and includes a unique watermark. The YouTube video’s title and description is in binary code and when translated into Spanish the title reads “Muerte,” which means “Death,” and the description says “Te queda 1 año menos,” which translates to “You have one year left, or less.”

Seven days. 

When asked why he posted the video, AETBX said that a girl he knows sent the video file to him after finding the DVD in a park outside Spain. He says he didn’t make the video, and doubts GadgetZZ’s story about it being sent to him, as the video is spreading all over the internet.

Theories as to the video’s origin run the spectrum of fun prank to marketing stunt. All we know about it thus far is that it’s eerily well executed and was shot in Otwock, Poland. As for the who and why? A total mystery.

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