Damn, Courtney Stodden Kills It on Instagram

If you’ve got zero talent, you better pray for a nice rack in Hollywood. Or maybe blow a few people for some movie roles. I’m assuming Courtney Stodden hasn’t blown anyone because if you need to blow someone to get on Big Brother, you’re doing it all wrong.

Since no one’s hiring her, she saves all her talent for Instagram pics. Give it up for Stodden, she tries hard. You try standing out in Hollywood where hot, blonde girls are everywhere. How do you keep people’s attention? Pics like these.

I’ll be honest. Stodden looked horrendous before, makeup all spackled on and rough looking. Her face is maturing though and it’s turning her into someone a bit more attractive. You know what? Would do.

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It’s just as difficult, and sometimes it’s even harder, especially when your partner finds out you’re bisexual.


Guess she couldn’t find some other rich guy to take her in.

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