Daycare Worker Takes Shovel to the Face Protecting Kids from Drunk Dad

According to police, a Montana daycare worker was assaulted by an inebriated dad who was trying to get his children. Which would be bad enough, if he hadn’t already lost legal custody of them. Gee, it’s like some men don’t understand the word no, even when its court ordered, or something.

The children, all under the age of four, were in the care of Martha McClure when 31-year-old Francis Joseph Jackson, actual father of the year, showed up at the daycare facility lit af with an unidentified woman for a fatherly kidnapping.

Nice, bringing your side chick/cousin to help you terrorize a bunch of kids. That’s some classic Midwestern hillbilly romance, right there.

McClure knew that this fine gentleman had lost his children and Child Protective Services had legal custody, so she went from Martha McClure to John McClane. According to AP:

McClure reported she could smell alcohol on Jackson, that he was angry she wouldn’t let him pick up his children, and that he threatened to assault her in front of the kids at Martha’s Mini Daycare, court records said.

She was able to physically remove Jackson from the daycare center and lock the door. But she said he began throwing toys, including a tricycle, at the window in an apparent attempt to get back inside, court records said.

McClure went outside, where she and Jackson fought until a woman hit McClure in the face with a snow shovel. Jackson then hit McClure in the face, knocking her down, court records said. The suspects fled without the children.

McClure, who is definitely not being paid enough for this Die Hard level insanity, was hospitalized and underwent eye surgery on Monday. Jackson was arrested that day and charged with custodial interference and burglary. He will also be sentenced to a thousand years in dad hell for being the literally worst dad ever. His girlfriend/cousin has not been identified.

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