Drew Barrymore’s Back on the Market If You’re So Inclined

I feel like Drew Barrymore’s one of those “in love with love” type of people. Then, you get down to the nitty gritty in a relationship and it’s peace out. Whatever, I could be wrong. Her past dating is an A-list of Hollywood creative types. Quite impressive in a way. She once dated Christian Bale twenty years ago. Edward Norton, Luke Wilson, Spike Jonze, the Mac Guy, Justin Long, it goes on and on.

Currently, she’s married to Will Kopelman, but that looks like it’s history.

The 40-year-old actress and her art consultant husband, 38-year-old Will Kopelman, have decided to walk away from their three-year union.

“They’ve been having trouble for a while now,” an insider told OK!. “They tried living apart, but it didn’t help — and now they’ve decided to split.”

The source says they pretty much only got married because Barrymore was pregnant while dating Kopelman and they “wanted to see it through because they were expecting.” Hey, give it up for persistence. Jennifer Garner now has another single mommy to talk to.

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