Ellie Goulding’s Yellow Hair Brings Out the Color in Her Cleavage

Yellow hair, don’t care. Ellie Goulding made her way to the MTV EMA’s, that European version of the MTV VMA’s. It’s the awards show where Europe waves to the United States and says, “Hellooo, we have good music toooo!!” By the way, Americans won every single major category at the EMA’s. You have a ways to go, Europe.

Ellie Goulding showed up to the red carpet with brand new yellow hair. Ehh, looks fine I guess. A little Oompa Loompa-ish but whatevs.

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Sarah Alice More
Sarah Alice More
8 years ago

Aww look at America, thinking MTV is still a relevant, taste making influencer. Cute. Just FYI, One Direction, Justin Beiber, Coldplay and Rihanna all won major awards (some multiple) and aren’t American. But what does Europe know about music. We only got into ‘EDM’ in the 80’s, unlike the U.S. who invented it in 2013. You do have a long way to catch up with us indeed.