Emma Stone’s Single Now So Put Your Xbox Away and Give It a Shot

Lots of women breaking up lately. Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore. Those three are a little older (over 40 actually, quite old), but now comes Emma Stone. The 26-year-old broke up with Andrew Garfield a couple of months ago. This is straight from the mouth of E! News via that ever-present source. The two “definitely still love for each other there” and “remain close and are on good terms.” Still love each other, good terms, blah blah blah. What I need to know is, which hotel and what floor to deliver this bouquet of flowers to? They’re freshly picked. From my neighbors’ yard. And if I don’t leave soon, I’m afraid this won’t end well.

Supposedly, busy schedules led to their breakup. Stone was too busy pretending to be an Asian, while Garfield was busy getting kicked off the Spiderman movies. Don’t worry about my busy schedule, Emma. I’m not busy at all nor do I have a schedule. I’m quite…available actually. *sniff*

And now, swipe through the gallery and see happier times with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

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